Your Speech Was Pretty Awesome – This one is a tongue twister; Peterborough Regional College is teamed up with ‘Take Your Place‘ an organisation funded by the ‘National Collaborative Outreach Program‘.

Therefore they invited schools motivational speaker Cameron Parker to University Centre Peterborough to inspire the year 10 students from Marshland High School.

Camerons focus for the motivational workshop was on raising aspirations, motivation levels, and self-belief.

Here is the student feedback Cameron received via social media:

“Thank you for your speech it has made me think how I look about life now”

“Your speech was pretty awesome”

“I wanted to message you and say thank you for today; I was the lad in the grey jacket, I feel it helped me understand the importance of school”

“Cheers for the speech today in Peterborough it was fire. You showed that anyone can achieve what they want in life”

“I just want to say how much your speech meant to me, I really learned a lot from it. it really helped me think about how much school means. Once again thanks for coming all the way from Bristol to do that for us, it is very much appreciated.”

Coincidently Cameron received two messages in one week from one student in Ipswich and the other in Wiltshire. Cameron has previously spoken at their schools:

“Hi I know it’s a bit late to be sending you this message but when you came into Chantry Academy I was really inspired by what you said to us so thank you”

“I know it was a while ago but I want to say thank you for when you came to Clarendon Academy. Carrying on doing what you are doing because it is changing so many peoples lives.”

Cameron loved every minute working with the year 10 students in Peterborough and he can’t wait to continue the partnership with ‘Take Your Place’ for Peterborough Regional College.

There is no secret the work Cameron does within is education works; therefore if you would like to book in a motivational session then please email the office now – admin@cameron-parker.comĀ Your Speech Was Pretty Awesome - Motivational Speaker Cameron ParkerYour speech was pretty awesome

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