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Working vs Wishing Motivational Speech – As human beings it’s become our nature to seek out the ‘easy route’; to avoid the challenges and to steer clear of anything that is difficult. In this impatient 21st century we also want everything now; we don’t want to wait for it and we certainly don’t want to work for it. This needs to change.

Before I begin, below is a new video of me delivering a motivational speech:

There you have it – Working vs Wishing Motivational Speech

Working is and always will be more powerful than wishing; action is extremely important because without it the progress we make is minimal. The analogy I used is the lottery; the chances of winning the big money is highly, highly, highly unlikely, I’m sure you get my point. However; the more efficient and fulfilling option would be to work hard for our goals and dreams, instead of wishing for things to happen – we need to work for it.

Michael Jordan said it right – “Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen and some people make it happen.”

This doesn’t mean you have to chase after materialistic things or money; I suggest you pursue something you really want to do and try your absolute best to get there – that should be everyone’s benchmark.

Then, as other people are thinking about success or wishing for it, you will be actively chasing it and who do you think will get there first? Exactly. The first step is to understand what you want. The next step is creating a plan and the final step is simple: (but not easy) execute!

The time is now to build and develop the habits you need to strive in the world.

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Working vs Wishing Motivational Speech

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