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Success in 90 Days – Success in 90 days, sounds easy right? Of course there is a huge amount of information and strategy that will come behind that statement. But before I jump into this topic, check out my most recent Vlog where I touch on how to go about planning for 90 days, plus you will see me on the road speaking across the UK: 

There you have it; I had the opportunity to inspire college students from Coleg Gwent in Newport, Wales and then I made my way across the UK inspiring year 10s and year 11s at Outwood Foxhills Academy in Scunthorpe, England.  Both were highly successful motivational sessions, but now it is time to dive into today’s topic: ‘Success in 90 days’.

As you can see in the motivational Vlog, I create my goals over a 90 day period. You are probably thinking why 90 days? That is a great question and the main reason is because I feel 90 days is perfect to achieve a large amount. And, on the contrary, the time period is short enough to create urgency.

For example when I used to set goals on a yearly basis; say I had 40 goals to achieve, I would procrastinate on the goals all year until I got near the end. I would still have 35 goals remaining; then I would start to panic, resulting in losing sight and actually quitting on my vision. This is NOT productive especially when you’re desperate for results.

My process is simple; set 90 day goals for the different areas of you life, what do you want to achieve over 90 days? Then ask yourself why and how you are going to make it happen. This is also an ideal way to break down your bigger goals. For example if one of your goals was to read 10 books, then your goal for the first month may be to read 3 books in 30 days.

Once you have your monthly goals; we need to then break them down into weekly and daily goals, sounds complicated and time-consuming – I know. But believe me, once you get into the swing of this it will be so much easier, you will feel more motivated and now you’ll have a plan to work towards. As I said in the motivational Vlog don’t go through life with a blindfold on, we need direction and setting goals is the fastest way to achievement.

If you are still a little unsure, I will release more on this topic very soon and there will be an opportunity to work with me closely in order to help you turn your dreams into reality.

So what can you do right this second (apart from cracking on with creating your 90 day goals?) Follow me on social media for daily motivation or email me personally on:

Success in 90 Days - Cameron Parker

Success in 90 Days

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