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Be honest….every single day as adults the majority of us go through our own personal battles; we have insecurities, and face problems we try our best to avoid.

Unless of course you are perfect, delusional, or I hate to say it but perhaps you are a liar. Therefore one of the biggest mistakes we can make as leaders of the classroom is to assume that our students don’t have similar issues.

The amazing thing about inspiring in schools all around the UK is that I get to communicate and learn from the students; one thing that has shocked me is how many students have low self-esteem, and this is an increasing problem that needs to get tackled.

When I think about it, most of my insecurities were born in my teenage years, I never spoke about them and avoided them at all costs, with the hopes that they will automatically go away.

But nooooooooooooo it certainly doesn’t work like that, low self-esteem needs to be addressed. Instead of shying away from it, here’s a better solution for your school, follow the steps:

  1. 1) Play this video in your assembly —->

  1. 2) Email me on and invite me in for a powerful workshop that will leave a lasting impact on your students. The material I have created works wonders. Need more reassurance? Check out the testimonials I have received on my website.

As influential people it is our job to inspire and educate the next generation; we need to make the right decisions and build forward momentum in this area, I’m confident I will be hearing from you very soon.

P.S. My schedule is rapidly filling up, so any questions or enquiries contact me ASAP. We will make a difference one school at a time, because you know “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Confucius.

Schools speaker Cameron Parker touching in topics such as low self-esteem

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