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Say NO to Self-Doubt Headteacher Motivation – Headteacher Peter Rowland and schools motivational speaker Cameron Parker did it again, releasing an unbelievable episode of ‘Old Head, Young Shoulders Podcast‘ episode 8. Before we share that with you, we want to show this small motivational clip from a previous podcast:

Headteacher Peter Rowland breaks down why it is essential to say NO to self-doubt; the way Peter achieved this was through asking Cameron what fears he was currently experiencing with releasing the new ‘Dreams To Reality Academy’.

As soon as Cameron started to express his concerns; Peter Rowland quickly shut Cameron down, Peter said that is exactly what we all need to do when it comes to negative self-talk and self-doubt. The response and method Peter displayed is second to none and it was extremely effective.

It is no secret we all experience self-doubt; this can be unavoidable, however the big difference is how we actually decide to handle it, do we listen to our negative thoughts or do we decide to dismiss them and carry on moving forward.

Time to flip the switch a little; below is episode 8 of the ‘Old Head, Young Shoulders’ podcast. Many things were discussed on this weeks podcast, however the main topic was growth. Peter talked a huge amount about learning your way forward; always focusing on improving and progressing, and why that is extremely important.

Episode 8 of ‘Old Head, Young Shoulders’ Podcast:

There you have it; we hope you are enjoying and benefiting from the podcast, our goal is to always deliver as much impact and value as we possibly can. We aim to inspire and make a difference and we are glad you are with us on this journey.

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 Say NO to Self-Doubt Headteacher Motivation

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