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Motivational Speaker Peterborough – Welcome back to my motivational blog guys; it is Saturday and I hope you have had a successful week. I do apologise if there are any spelling mistakes; I didn’t have the opportunity to pass this blog on to my editor for changes, therefore my dyslexia may show on this blog.

However yesterday I had the opportunity to run motivational sessions for Jack Hunt School in Peterborough on behalf of ‘Take Your Place‘. Before I continue, check out some of the student messages I received below via social media:

“You don’t understand how much you inspired me within such a short period of time. You truly are an inspiration.

“I love it…that made me believe in myself and you made me nearly cry. Your history is like mine. I identify lots, thank you”

Motivational Speaker Peterborough“Now I’m going to believe in myself”

There you have it; I pride myself on impact and value and I believe the motivational sessions at Jack Hunt School yesterday was a huge success. The day started with a motivational workshop to a selected group of year 11 students; this was heavily based around stress management, time management and also providing them with a little boost leading into their exams.

The motivational workshop was followed by two motivational assemblies to the rest of the year 11, close to 300 students. Unfortunately the motivational assemblies wasn’t very long; however the impact was still there, and according to the teachers, many students left with their heads held high, feeling great for their exams next week.

It is very important as a motivational speaker you don’t cause added stress, especially so close to the exam season. With that said I believe we approached it right, and the students was very engaged and excited throughout.

To wrap this motivational blog up; I am extremely happy with how yesterdays motivational sessions went in Peterborough and I can’t wait to return. If you are looking for motivational impact and value in your school then do not hesitate to email me personally on or follow me on all my social media for daily motivation.

Cameron Parker in Peterborough School


Motivational Speaker Peterborough

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