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Motivational Sessions in Colleges – Last week went incredible for motivational speaker Cameron Parker; Cameron ran motivational sessions for two colleges, Swindon College and Newton Rigg College in Cumbria.

Here are some student messages Cameron received after his motivational day in Cumbria:

“Hi, I just wanted to say your session at Newton Rigg was amazing. It was the best session of the day. Considering it was the last session of the day, everyone, I spoke to beforehand said your session was the best and it was”

Thanks so much for the session at Newton Rigg College yesterday. I was in the last session and it was the perfect end to the day. I even came and spoke to you at the end as you are so inspiring and have made me realize I can achieve my dreams and don’t need the approval of anyone. It’s my own path to lead and to go down thanks so much.”

“Thank you so much for coming into Newton Rigg to talk to us you have inspired me so much and made me realise that there is more to life and that my ambitions are possible”

There you have it; the response was incredible and Cameron enjoyed every minute of it. Cameron ran 5 motivational assemblies at the college in Cumbria; the courses ranged from farming to hairdressing, and it was interesting to see the dynamic between each group.

Topics covered:

  • Future choices.
  • Aspirations.
  • Creating Opportunities.
  • Resilience.

Cameron is already in conversation with both colleges; discussing the possibility of working with some smaller groups on different topics such as goal-setting and careers.

If you would like to book Cameron for a motivational session or a motivational day then please email – and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

Until next time; please keep up the brilliant work and remember, you can have excuses or you have results, but you can’t have both.

Motivational Sessions in Colleges

Motivational Sessions in Colleges

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