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Merchants Academy Bristol Motivation – On Tuesday I had the opportunity to motivate year 9 students from Merchants Academy in the South of Bristol. The motivational workshop was run through the organisation called ‘Into University’.

This isn’t my first time at Merchants Academy; I believe I have visited this school 3 times before, mainly working with the whole of year 11s around exam pressure, confidence and raising aspirations.

However this motivational workshop was slightly different; it was ran in the library at the school with only a select few students, there was around 20 year 9s. The small group allowed me to work with the students on more of a personal level; therefore we looked at their personal problems and challenges, then I began to work on how they could possibly overcome those barriers.

Therefore I touched heavily on motivational levels, aspirations and focus. We looked at their personal goals; how do they want there life to look like 10 years from now, essentially their big vision, then we worked to break that down into small achievable steps. Breaking down their big vision; showed the students why it is important to work hard now and how the choices they make today, can affect their future.

The response and engagement was amazing and I was surprised to hear their huge goals and dreams. The reason why I was surprised is because the students appeared to have high hopes for the future, and the positivity is extremely important.

Therefore I want to take this time to personally thank ‘Into University’ and the students at Merchants Academy, you are all doing an incredible job…so please keep this momentum going.

Follow me on all my social medias for daily motivation and for bookings email me personally on and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Until then, keep up the great work and keep on inspiring.
Merchants Academy Bristol Motivation

Merchants Academy Bristol Motivation

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