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Inspiring in the Isle of Wight was an incredible experience for me especially as it was my first time visiting the island.

I was invited to inspire the Year 8s at Ryde Academy on a Monday; since I never visited the island before I decided to travel down Saturday morning from Bristol. I wanted to explore and get a feel for the area before my motivational talk and workshops on Monday.

The island is a beautiful asset to the UK and I thoroughly enjoyed preparing for the day relaxing on the beach. I wanted to leave a lasting impression on the island and be the best motivational speaker to come and inspire.

The day was a huge success; and I was blown away by how smart some of the students were. Topics I covered in the motivational assembly and workshops were – respect, confidence, motivation, enthusiasm, pro-activity, aspirations and self-esteem.

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Ps. Here are some social media posts I received after the motivation day in the Isle of Wight –

“You did a great speech today it has changed me and how I think, thank you”

“Thank you for coming into our school today really changed my mind about school even tho we have to get up early! After your amazing speech today I think I am gonna enjoy school and focus more on my work than talking to my friends, thanks. Cameron really helped me figure out what to do with my life! Never dream something and not work hard to get it! You can always get the job you want if you get the grades you work for! Thank you for coming into our school today Cameron think you changed a lot of people’s minds”

“Thank you for teaching us about how important school is and you will never fail if you put 110% into it. You may have to get up early to go to school but in the end it’s worth it all.

Thank you again also,

Good luck in uni and make sure you put 110% into it.”

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Isle of Wight UK – Motivational Speaker

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