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On Friday I visited the amazing Downed School! Downend have signed up to ‘The Elite Academy’ and here are the student responses I received from just one day:

“I had the same attitude towards school and learning as you, until 2 weeks ago I realised what a mistake I made taking advantage of school, after hearing your speech it motivated me more to try and get the results I want and need, thank you for coming into our school today – year 11 :)”

“Your talk yesterday was absolutely incredible! You have motivated me to give school everything until I finish at the end of next year. Your Grandma should be proud”

“It made me think more and now I’m going to try harder and do my best so thank you”

“Hi Thanks for coming to Downend, I realised how important school is and I think you taught us a lot”

“I just told my Dad about your speech, he seems impressed”

“You don’t know me but you came to my school and it made me and my friends think, thank you and I will put that 110% in thank you. Also I’m going through a rough time in school as panic attacks get in the way but I am thankful for you”

“Hi Cameron today when you were doing your speech you really inspired me, I can’t thank you enough”

“It was very inspiring. I learned a lot and now have a different attitude towards school and my behaviour. Thank You”

“Your speech was very good 🙂 Everyone listened, it was one of the best assemblies I have had”

“Great Speech today”

“Hi I found today really interesting and motivational”

“It was inspirational and I hope all my naughty classmates listen to it and concentrate in school!!”

“Really interesting story, thanks for coming in”

“Great Assembly really inspired me mate”

“Thanks for coming here, I will take this to improve my future”

“Love what you’re doing, keep it up”

“You were very inspiring, thank you”

“You were really good mate, well done must of took a lot of guts to talk in front of that many”

“Amazingly inspirational”

“I found your speech really inspirational and you really made me feel good about my life bro”

“Hello. your assembly was great”

“Cheers for today mate, really made me think about things”

“Hey Cameron your assembly was so inspiring :)”

“Thanks for the assembly bro you have really inspired me to chase my dreams”

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