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Gabriel Sey: Behind the Scenes – Motivational Speaker Vlog – On Saturday we finally filmed the first ever episode of the ‘Dreams To Reality Podcast’ with our special guest Gabriel Sey. Unfortunately, the first episode has not been released yet however we do have a treat for you.

We filmed behind the scenes with the legend Gabriel; in my honest and always correct opinion this Vlog is hilarious and potentially one of my favourites yet. With that said, the new Vlog is below:

There you have it; we touched on a wide range of topics but the goal is to have a deeper understanding of the guest story, including their struggles and successes. I believe Gabriel carried himself extremely well; he shared many things people can take away and apply to their lives.

Gabriel heavily talked about the importance of being strategical in our approach; to many people go through life with a lack of direction just hoping something will stick, however life doesn’t work like that.

We should all have an idea of what we are trying to do and trying to achieve; then our strategy needs to be inline with those two key elements mentioned, as it will be a quicker route to our desired outcome.

Gabriel also touched on having a get-out plan; as we are talking about strategy the term we can use is the get-out strategy, ultimately working and running a specific thing for a certain amount of time and getting out before the thing starts to decrease or just the power of having the end in mind. Having the end is mind can be very effective as it will allow you to discover exactly what you want and work back from there.

That is a wrap, I hope you enjoyed this weeks Vlog and until next time, keep on working hard and don’t stop inspiring.

Gabriel Sey: Behind the Scenes – Motivational Speaker Vlog

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