“Cameron, how do you know whether your dream is really your dream and is something you truly want?”

Firstly, people like the idea of being something e.g. a professional footballer, doctor, music artist. However, the majority of people like the sound of something but they don’t really want to be that. It just sounds interesting and fun. When it really comes down to it, are you willing to do what it takes to become successful in that area?

This applies to all dreams. How can you know whether your dreams are what you really want? Simple, when your dreams are worth more than money, then that is what you really want.

 One of my friends has gained a lot of experience and knowledge which could result in him receiving a well paid job. However, he has decided to dedicate the next couple of years to write a book. This is his dream but it will come at a sacrifice, he will barely have enough money to survive.

I posed the question “why don’t you find a job and write the book around it. Surely you don’t want to refuse 25 thousand plus a year? Or work for a whole year, save some money, then write your book?”

He responded with “My book is going to need my full divided attention, if I find a job just for money then it’s easy to fall into a trap. Falling under the illusion that when the time is right and I’m comfortable I will then write my book. That isn’t me, money isn’t important when it’s compared to my dreams. I want to look back on my life and know I tried.”

This was music to my ears because I’m in a similar predicament. Many people sacrifice theirs dreams for comfort and a steady paycheck every month. Opportunities and dreams do have a life span and if not acted upon they will eventually run out.

I always hear “reality will hit you, you can’t live in your dream land all the time, some day you have to grow up” maybe they are right or maybe they are just making excuses. The same people spreading this are probably the same people who have regrets because they passed up on their dreams. Don’t let this negativity faze you.

 My dreams can’t be bought. I know eventually the money will come and I’m willing to wait and work to the bone to achieve my dreams. The struggle is beautiful which needs to be embraced, so please don’t drop your dreams for part time comfort. Think of the larger picture. I’m not saying don’t work, I do. I am saying sometimes you have no choice but to make sure it is for your greater purpose of your dreams.

I want to share a few lines from the book ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho. In this book someone asked the Alchemist “Why should I listen to my heart?”, the Alchemist replied “Because you will never again be able to keep it quiet. Even if you pretend not to have heard what it tells you, it will always be there inside you, repeating to you what you’re thinking about life and about the world”

Stay Hungry, Stay Humble and remember…Only The Hungriest Succeed!

DREAMS WORTH MORE THAN MONEY – Elite Motivator Cameron Parker

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