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5am one blistering cold January morning, the heating in my apartment is faulty and hasn’t been working for months. It’s extremely difficult to accumulate enough motivation to roll out of bed, especially when your room is colder than an icebox. For you to grasp a better understanding of how cold it was, I could have opened up a window to let the heat in. I managed to force myself out of my bed, walked over to my desk, where I turned on my laptop to check my emails and update my social networking sites.

What appeared at the top of my news feeds on Facebook was a status from one of the students from a college I had previously spoken at. The status caught my attention because it was motivational and ended with lots of hash tags synonymous with H.U.D. However, what struck me most about this status was that it was posted by a particular individual who was notorious for being lazy.

I was impressed, I started to think “maybe this student has turned over a new leaf” if this change was genuine that would be great because I believe more people need to pursue their dreams.

Six days had flown by and I had some spare time, so I thought that I would check out the students Facebook. It was there, I discovered that the next day he resumed to his usual character and demeanor, being late for class and having no real purpose. I was puzzled, ‘what has changed in 24 hours? Was he just talking the talk? I began to think. Did he believe that grinding one morning resulted in him living the H.U.D lifestyle?

If the student believed that grinding for 24 hours, trying to appear to live the H.U.D lifestyle was real, he couldn’t be further from the truth, he was on the verge of being delusional. The H.U.D lifestyle represents grinding consistently, 7 days a week. It doesn’t represent waking up early one morning out of 20 and posting #RiseNGrind #TheySleepWeGrind to try and boast. Success is about consistency, spending hours and hours on mastering your craft. Consistency is what separates average people from great people. It’s easy to achieve something once but to achieve it over and over again is extremely difficult but consistency is a crucial element in success.

“Cameron, I find it difficult staying consistent and within a couple of days I am back to my usual ways” Is what I often hear. To permanently change this you need to make it a new habit. Research suggest to start a new habit it takes 21 days…ONLY 21 DAYS? That’s not a lifetime. Answer me this, is 21 days really a lot to ask? When you put it in perspective, the answer is NO.

To stay consistent you must avoid becoming complacent. Always demand more of yourself, continuously pushing the boundaries, look to achieve and reach higher goals because you are capable of that. Avoiding becoming complacent also relates to learning and growing as an individual. The more knowledge you attain the more sharpened you become, resulting in you being aware of your surroundings and adapting to change. The world is evolving at a rapid pace and it’s important that you’re aware of the transformations. If you don’t embrace change and spend time on personal development, you run the risk of becoming obsolete.

I just want to take this time to say thank you for reading this blog, I am going to end it on this quote from Jay Z  “Having success for a year or two, that’s called being hot. Being in demand. Excellence is being able to perform at a high level for a long period of time”

Stay Hungry, Stay Humble and remember only the hungriest succeed.

Consistency Crisis – Elite Motivator Cameron Parker

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