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Here’s also a written testimonial Cameron received from Mary Nkune Hammersmith Academy:

“Cameron visited our school in London and really captured the attention of the students during an assembly with year11s. He kept students engaged with his honesty and energy and definitely created a buzz in the academy for the rest of the initial day of the programme. I really admired and appreciated the passion and enthusiasm he injected into the workshops he delivered – he took a real interest in our disadvantaged students. I was particularly impressed with the parents Q&A evening he held, which allowed our parents and carers to feel involved in the programme and the objectives of the programme. Overall, I would say that Cameron is great speaker, an even better listener and really has a talent for connecting with young people! Thank you Cameron!!”

Impact is something we will continue to focus on. The impact for 1 off motivational speeches or motivational days can be questionable.

It is extremely difficult to measure the impact, however there is defiantly scope for motivational speeches in school. We just have to become crystal clear on the outcomes we are looking for and manage expectations.

Are looking for a schools motivation speaker? If you answered YES then we believe no one does it better than Cameron. There is a reason why 95.3% of our us customers come back.

If you are considering long term impact through the ‘Power Programme’ or looking for a 1 off motivational talk then email our office at and we can support you further.

Schools Motivational Speaker Success Story

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