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School Speaker Impact – It’s the start of April and since the last motivational impact blog here –

and the motivational video here –

I have inspired at:


Norton Hill School

St Peters School

City Of Bristol College

Cotswold School

Fairfield School

Oasis John Williams

Sussex Of University

Bristol Brunel Academy

Telford Priory School

Wadebridge School

Churchdown School

Here are some of the student messages I received:

“Hey I’m from St Peters I t17793346_1346033002098592_1423920437_nhought your talk was very inspiring and has made me realise that I need to work harder and focus at school and I was in that little group and I’d like to thank you and hope you can come back”

“I’m in year 8 and I saw your presentation this morning. It was absolutely amazing. It has really motivated me to push myself to the limits. So thank you”

“Thanks for inspiring me to do well in my mocks bro”

“I’m from OAJW, thanks for coming in today, you really made me think for what i want in my GCSE’s, I’m gonna try my hardest for my exams. Good luck in the future”

“That session today was amazing. Really opened my eyes and made me 17813717_1346023578766201_1466075897_nrealise how hard I have to work to get to where I want to be in the next year”

“I thought today’s session was amazing”

“Thanks for the talk, I think the session was really good it helped to motivate me to keep working hard. I’m doing pretty well in school already and on average I get A grades bit I was worried that there wasn’t enough time to secure A* grades that I want because I need high grades to be a surgeon/ doctor. But the no regrets part of your talk helped”

“Just want to say today was inspiring. Hopefully my hard work shows in my grades”

17741088_1346023582099534_2124508737_n“Thank you for speaking at my school today. It made me realise what I need to do and I’m gonna get cracking. I’m going to turn my life around”

“You are a legend and I say that because you inspired me to just keep going when it gets tough. I used to get bullied, got told I would never get anywhere as my dyslexia holds me back so much I struggle being in the bottom sets in everything but you really helped me to keep going on the things I want to do like PE and to be in the army and just try in the subjects I might not be that good at, I really mean it and thank you loads”

School Speaker Impact

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