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I have inspired in Kings Oak Academy, Churchdown School and Hans Price Academy over the last 7 days. Here are the messages I have received on social media from the students who attended my motivational sessions:

“It was so motivational, I’m going through a really hard time at school because I have just lost my dad, so I’m finding focus on school hard but when you said live with no what ifs made me really think because I’m worried I’m not going to achieve what my Dad would of wanted. I just wish I listened in lower years. Thanks so much for the speech, it has really made me look on the positive side”

“You were amazing, thank you for coming in”

“Hey, I am a student from Churchdown school and after today’s assembly the stuff that you said to us really did motivate me in life and I really do want to get somewhere in life and try my hardest! I thank you for that soooo much! I honestly wish the best for you with your career and I hope everything you wish will become true and keep doing what you doing! Once again thank you!”

“Your inspirational speech and your motivation, it really makes you think about your lifestyle choices and what paths to take in life”

“It has never came to my mind how much a little schedule of what you’re going to do for that day can help”

“Today you really inspired me and I’m one of those people who are always negative about myself and you proved that I shouldn’t live by what people think or say or what happened in the past, thank you so much”

“Today’s motivational speech was so good thank you so much, hearing you speak about how your life went and what you went through to turn it around was so motivational. And honestly after what you said this morning it makes me want to try that bit extra and make my mum proud of me as that’s what I want to in life, make my mum proud. Thank you so much!”

“It was amazing, really relatable”

“It was so awesome and inspirational”

“Thank you for speaking to us today – it was really inspiring to hear your story about how your thoughts on education changed and about living life with no regrets”

“Very inspirational! Makes me want to work harder, thank you :)”

“Insane, you’re so motivational, not going to lie. I have down days all the time and just to see you have had similar problems to me and then for you to be where you are today, it’s insane, thank you so much for coming in, it inspired me so much, it was like you were speaking just to me if you get me?”

“I thought it was really good because I am now motivated to try my hardest to get to the university I want to go to”

“Thank you for the presentation to day at Hans Price Academy it really mean a lot to me, thank you”

“Thank you so much for the presentation yesterday, it inspired me a lot and made me smile, it made me think twice about me and my progress in school and I thought twice about the decision I make in school and out I really enjoyed it! Once again thank you for coming to Hans Price Academy, I’m really grateful”

“Thank you so much for the presentation at my school, it inspired me so much to not worry about what other people think and dream big”

“Inspirational, motivational, amazing, thoughtful”

“I have been inspired into a better reviser with the help of cameron, thank you for the amazing speech, you gave to Churchdown school”

“I really enjoyed it, very motivating and probably the best assembly we’ve ever had”

“You have really inspired me to do better at school”

“Hey, I was included in your workshop today and if I’m honest you’ve really inspired me not to quit at anything I am not good at. I’m now determined to try my hardest and grades now!!”

“It made me realise how important this year actually is for the future, so thank you”

“Thank you for the assembly at Churchdown I really enjoyed it, it gave me much more confidence then I had before, thanks to you I’m going to try even harder. I hope you achieve every single goal in your life because you deserve it so much”

“I think it was really good and respect you a lot. My goal is to achieve and your an amazing person. I respect you and felt that you was being real with us, not like the teachers that just do their job and might not even care lol Good luck in your future and thanks for the message”

“You have made me want to pass in school so I can better myself in the future even though I don’t enjoy it, I am going to try my absolute hardest”

“Really enjoyed your speech at Churchdown today, so motivational, the workshop was great as well, thank you so much”

“Amazing man, so inspirational, you really are a person that can change someone’s life”

“Thank you for your speech today cam! It was very touching as I used to be a very bad trouble maker too, I have turned it round and I’m planning on going to the army when I leave school, and you honestly have motivated me to always try my best, and I thank you very much for that”

“Thank you very much on your speech and I think it will really help me for my future”

“Thank you Cameron for the speech. I have put a lot of time thinking what you said and it really inspires me to do more. Thanks”

“Thanks for the inspirational speech at my school today, put me in the right mindset for sure”

“Thank you so much I loved it and it has changed the way I feel about my education, thank you”

“Great talk today! Made me think about my future in more depth and what I want to achieve this year”

“Thank you for coming to my school today, it really made me think about my life and howI want it to be”

School Motivational Impact - Cameron Parker

School Motivational Impact

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