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Scared Of Success – Motivational Speaker – We have all discussed the topic of luck before; it can sometimes be a sensitive matter especially when it comes to achieving something or being successful. It’s no secret – success is subjective however in the motivational video below I discuss the notion of luck from my own experiences. In all honesty this is probably my favourite video you will see me inspiring students at the Oxford Town Hall on behalf of Oxford Royale Academy, check it out and get motivated now:

Five years ago I could only dream of motivating students in places like Oxford Town Hall, it was an incredible location and a brilliant experience; I was extremely grateful for the opportunity. The energy and engagement was there from the students and the response was second to none.

After the event I was bombarded with student messages via social media, thanking me for the motivational speech I delivered to them. This is a great indicator of the impact and value I provide, however it is also a reminder to keep pushing and developing as a person and as a motivational speaker to ensure the impact continues.

I won’t go too ‘in-depth’ as I believe I did that in the motivational video above. However, I believe life is about growth and constantly working towards becoming a better person, not just in school, your career, or sports, but also in life.

Therefore I truly believe the harder you work the luckier you become, so if you are still here reading this then you know what to do…time to put in the work.

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Scared Of Success - Motivational Speaker

Scared Of Success – Motivational Speaker

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