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Results Are Everything – I had the opportunity to run my motivational sessions within 4 UK schools in week; two in Worthing near Brighton, and two in Bristol. If you are considering booking me but unsure of the investment, and whether I can provide your students with huge amount of value, then I fully recommend you read the feedback I have received in just one week below.

Before you begin reading, if you haven’t already you can see me in action here:

“I will work hard because you have inspired me telling me you want to be the first in your family to succeed in uni, I have always said the same thing but have down graded myself because I don’t think I can get the grades I need but because of you I’m going to try my best and I’ll tell all the teachers you have inspired me because you have” – Orchard School

“You are good, thank you very much for the inspiration. I’m going to try my best to knuckle down, I hope I can do it” – Bridge Learning Campus

“Just had your assembly and it really motivated me. Thank you”- Worthing High School

“Today you have inspired me, so thank you , it means a lot” – Orchard School

“Saw that you only just back to Bristol, thanks for such a fantastic talk you are truly amazing at what you do and I just want to say it really helped me realise that GCSE are round the corner and I need to knuckle down in lesson and give my 100% effort in” –St Andrews School

Results are everything - Bristol School“Yo I’m just a kid from St Andrews school (You did the presentation today) and just want to say well done and keep doing what you’re doing. you’re bloody good at it, definitely opened my eyes abit” – St Andrews School

“I’ve just come to school today and i’m going to give %110”- Worthing High School

“Thanks bro for coming into St. Andrews yesterday you have inspired me a lot” – St Andrews School

“Hi Cameron, you came and spoke to us on Tuesday at St Andrews high school in Worthing and I wanted to let you know that you inspire me. I’ve just gone and joined the gym today, as I want to get back into playing sports again as I’ve been out for nearly a year. I found your talk empowering and I thank you for that :)” – St Andrews School

“Hi you came to my school this week it was amazing, really inspiring! Keep it up!”- Worthing High SchoolCameron Parker - Results Are Everything

“Great talk at Bridge today! Made me want to try a lot harder to achieve my goals” – Bridge Learning Campus

“Hey man I just wanted to say thank you for your talk today it’s really inspired me and made me look at my life in a different way. You may not get feedback like this all the time but you really made an impact today. I don’t know if you remember but I’m the guy from Orchard that came and shook your hands haha Anyways thanks”- Orchard School


“Absolutely loved your talk, and the interaction. While studying drama I can appreciate that talk on both a performance and deep motivation! Your Grandma part really hit home for me, keep at it, loved it all, keep up your amazing work!!” – Bridge Learning Campus

“Hey man, I was at your talk this week. I thought you was really cool, what you do is incredible. People like you change the world. Cheers for the motivation and keep it up”

“You came to my school this week St. Andrews! I had the gym that day and I was dreading it! But I was determined after your talk and I put in 110%” – St Andrews School

If you are interested in booking me for your school/ college or organisation then shoot me an email at Look forward to hearing from you.

Results Are Everything

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