Pupil Premium Gold Programme

Pupil Premium Power Programme – Part 2/2

Unlimited Consultation CallsĀ 

Communication is a vital key to ensuring the intervention is a huge success.

Key things to discuss:






Individual students

The School

10 – 15 Days

We can supply you with an idea of how these days can look. Every school is different, depending on the timings and number of students we will create a completely bespoke package.

We are in schools every day; we have systems and structures in place but we are also flexible in our approach, so your experience will be valuable to us.


Different forms of delivery:


1 -1s

Parents Sessions

1 – 4s


Once again the delivery depends on how many days you have partnered with us for and how many students Cameron is working with.

Certificates & Prizes

When students complete the program, at the end of then the year they will receive:

  • Certificate after completion of the program

  • Motivational Wristband

On top of that, there will be other prizes up for grabs, including:

  • Prize Bag x 3 for the most committed and hardest workers

  • Prize Bag x 3 for most improved

All prizes will be presented on the last day of programme by Cameron.

Impact Report

It is not enough just to invest in an intervention, people want to see results. Measuring the success is extremely important, therefore the report will be broken down in a way to show Ofsted and stakeholders the impact we have had.

The report will justify spending and if the data is used correctly it can help the school further with their pupil premium strategy.

Working with Parents

Students are only in school for a short period of time, therefore closing the attainment gap is an extremely difficult job with huge pressure.

Parents, as we know, have a huge influence on their children, if we can win them over then we are half way there.

Our goal is to involve parents as much as we can, therefore the school will receive:

  • Letter template; explaining the goals of the programme and to start building trust with parents

  • Evening talk and Q & A with parents the night before the programme begins

  • Parents will receive an update before and after every visit

Once again we can tailor this around the schools and parents needs. Together we achieve more…your goal is now our goal.

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