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Prison Motivational Speaking – On the 21st of March I inspired at HMP Sudbury to about 40 prisoners; before I begin, read the testimonial below I received from the person who arranged the event:

“After listening to Cameron Parker talk, our prisoners left the session more determined to succeed in life than ever before.  Cameron was equally engaging and enthusiastic and pitched the session perfectly which, to be honest, was not easy given the diversity of the audience in the room.  It was heartening to see the number of guys who hung back at the end wanting to offer their personal thanks.  Would definitely get Cameron back in again.”

The session was extremely successful; I enjoyed it and to be honest it was probably one of my favourite motivational sessions this year. The conversation and engagement was very high; this allowed me to tailor certain aspect of my talk to meet the prisoners needs ensuring they benefit from my motivational services.

Talking to some of the HMP Sudbury employees before hand; they explained to me that the prisoners were unsure of what to expect in the motivational session. Especially when the term ‘motivational speaker’ is being used, they believed it would be 60 minutes of a man stood in front of them being extremely patronising.

I knew straight away this is not my approach but it was interesting to hear opinions before I began and it is always a difficult job to not only inspire individuals but definitely change perception. This is exactly what was achieved; and as you can see from the testimonial, I was personally surprised to see a cue of guys waiting to talk to me, wanting to share their stories and future plans.

My favourite part ‘FEEDBACK FORMS’ was handed out at the end; and in my heart I knew it was a huge success, but the only criticism we received is that the motivational session was not long enough. To be honest, I totally agree, however I know we will make this happen again. The session was a pleasure and prisoners actually inspired me to keep going, so I thank them.

If you are interested in my motivational services at your prison then please email me personally on and lets make something happen.

Prison Motivational Speaking

Prison Motivational Speaking

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