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Motivational Speaker Ormiston Sudbury Academy – UK’s number #1 schools motivational speaker Cameron Parker had the opportunity to inspire the year 11s at Ormiston Sudbury Academy.The session was extremely successful and below are some student messages Cameron received through social media:

“Speech was absolutely amazing yesterday and so inspirational, keep at it, really helped me to put my mind at ease and understand that if failure happens then to know that I put all my effort in and tried my best and to carry on! You’re amazing and so funny and made it interesting, got a completely new mindset now, keep at it please, come back to OSA soon! Thanks again”

“This is my school, your speech was brilliant today”

“Hi Cam, just wanted to say thank you so much for your speech yesterday at OSA! I know it wasn’t just me but so many other kids thought you were amazing, please keep at what you’re d

Motivational Speaker Ormiston Sudbury Academy

oing and hopefully you can come back soon because honestly it was such a good speech and really got me thinking! Keep at what you are doing bro, you are doing everyone proud”

“Thank you so much! Really everyone has been saying how brilliant you was and how you made our Monday and our day in general and how grateful we all our from traveling so far to do that because not one person didn’t find it useful! Keep being inspirational”

“You were amazing and very inspiring”

Cameron Parker delivers a wide range of motivational services; including motivational speeches and motivational workshops designed to create a huge amount of value and impact. If you would like to experience this in your school or college then email us now to get the UK’s number #1 schools motivational speaker Cameron Parker booked in. The email address is, be quick and until next time, keep up the great work.


Motivational Speaker Ormiston Sudbury Academy

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