Motivational Speaker For University – The feedback we have received through our work in Universities has been second to none, and we are extremely confident we can deliver exactly what you are looking for. There are 3 key ways Cameron and his team can partner with your University:


You did a great job at my University welcome talk, the way you opened up was incredible and got my attention. Then you kept me engaged throughout and I'm excited for the next step in my life and successful outcome at University.

Students who were captivated by his engaging speech, Cameron's energetic style held their attention and interest throughout. Since Cameron's visit, several students who normally lack motivation have told me how he has made them determined.


The workload for students in University can become overwhelming, it is difficult to try to balance education with other areas of your student’s lives. We don’t want to take anything away from the University experience for your students, therefore the extra motivation, strategies, and coping mechanisms we provide are essential to support your students in achieving the grades they deserve and enjoying the process at the same time.

So wait no longer; if you would like to book Cameron or if you have any questions then click the ‘Find Our More’ button below and we can begin the process of working together.



We now have a new approach to welcoming resident students into your halls, we offer a total bespoke program that is delivered in a way to connect and engage with your students.

We cover important topics such as making friends, mental health and we also incorporate your University’s support services, for example, wellbeing, drugs and alcohol advice, etc.

Our goal is to meet your needs, and that is the reason we also touch on motivation and mindset ensuring your students are ready for their time at University.



Cameron does a huge amount of work teaming up with many universities across the UK; our aim is to support and help the university on achieving their widening participation and outreach goals in schools.

This is done through motivational assemblies and workshops, and the feedback from both schools and universities has been incredible. This is for many reasons, one reason is that Cameron is very relatable and has also been through his own university journey.

Therefore Cameron can touch on a wide range of experiences, including touching on key elements such as aspirations. On top of that, we will provide strategies and principles students can apply to their own life, ultimately setting them up for a bright future.



Get in touch today to discuss Cameron providing motivational speaking at your school, university business or event.

Cameron is also always interested to hear from potential partners and collaborators and welcomes feedback from past talks.

Motivational Speaker For University

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