Motivational Speaker For Schools – Who could say no to a speaker who guarantees a positive impact and value? That’s exactly what Cameron will bring to your school. The interactive sessions touch on key principles, real-life situations, and motivation in a light-hearted, yet relatable manner.

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Within minutes Cameron had the entire cohort, up and out of their seats and had them thoroughly engaged for over an hour. By the end of the session Cameron received a standing ovation, and he had a considerable number of students stay behind afterwards to speak and have pictures with him. We will definitely book Cameron again.

Chris JacksonWinterbourne International Academy

You can tell the success of a speaker within 5 minutes. This reduces to the first 1 minute when the audience are young people. They either get the students attention or they don’t. Of those that manage to capture their attention, few manage to keep it, especially for 60 minutes. Cameron achieved both.

Michelle BillingtonDarwen Aldridge Community Academy


Whether you’re looking to do a one-off motivational session, a motivational day full of workshops or invest in an elite package, Cameron is extremely confident he can exceed your expectations and provide solutions to any challenges you are currently facing, regardless of year group.

In 2018 Cameron inspired over 100,000 young people in Secondary Schools; this resulted in endorsements from 100s of teachers, including thousands of student messages thanking Cameron for his motivational work. Cameron’s goal is to deliver as much impact and value as he can, and the response Cameron receives is a testament to that.

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It is no secret we offer a vast amount of services in schools; with that said it is important to highlight a huge amount of Cameron’s time is spent working with pupil premium students.

We understand that is extremely important to focus on where the funding is being spent; this decision can create pressure for schools, especially as the pupil premium progress is being measured by impact and outcomes.

Therefore we have pupil premium programs designed to meet your needs; we also have the capacity to tailor our service to support your students even further, hit the button below if you are ready to move forward or whether you have any questions.



It is no secret college students can be the most difficult to engage; however, it is a crucial time, as the students are essentially preparing for the next stage in their lives. Therefore, if you are looking for someone to come in and shake things up a little then Cameron is exactly what you need.

Doesn’t matter whether it’s functional skills, GCSE’s resits, or a specific course Cameron has the material, to support the students with getting motivated, goal-setting and developing their mind-sets to help the students’ progress.

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It is one thing creating a fun and engaging motivational talk for primary school students; but it’s another thing to deliver the impact and value you are ultimately looking for at the same time, Cameron prides himself on ensuring this outcome for your school and students.

Therefore, if you know exactly what you want, or whether you are unsure on how to utilise Cameron the best way you can in your primary school then hit the big button below and we will help you with this process.



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Cameron is also always interested to hear from potential partners and collaborators and welcomes feedback from past talks.

Motivational Speaker For Schools

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