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Message for Teenagers – Motivation in Lockdown Video – Lockdown is here…again! Probably not the start we all wanted and planned for; however, the decision is now out of our control. I have already had 20+ coaching sessions with teenagers within the last week and I am pleasantly surprised how well the majority of students have responded.

Unfortunately, I can’t connect with you all on a 1-1 level which is why I created this video below. If you are the parent of a teenager then this video is worth a share:

So I want to ask you, what can you do to take control? What can you do to ensure you use this time wisely? We have a decision, do we shut down, do nothing and wait for the time to pass? Or do we try and step up? Controlling our thoughts, actions, and environment.

The last one will provide you with results, and shutting down will provide you with…well nothing. Actually, that is not completely true, shutting down, making excuses will result in stress, low energy, and poor focus. I know this because this was just last week when I lost the majority of my work for 2 months.

Yes, I had a valid reason to feel rubbish, and this is okay, we are only human. It is only an issue if you live in that space. So, I want to ask you again, what can you do to take control?

Don’t let lockdown own you, you can own it. Sorry about the real cliché statements, but I’m a coach and motivational speaker, what do you expect? Haha. All jokes aside, I’m writing this blog post with energy, confidence, and belief that 2021 is going to be a great year.

Make a plan, commit to the plan and execute it with everything you got. You will thank me later in 2021…have a great day.

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Message for Teenagers - Motivation

Message for Teenagers – Motivation in Lockdown Video

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