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Lincolnshire and Swindon Motivational Speaker – On Thursday and Friday I had the opportunity to go back to Abbey Park School in Swindon and Haven High Academy in Boston Lincolnshire. Below are messages I received from both schools:

“Just wanted to say thank you for coming in I hated revising and never did anything but today was the first I did, thank you for helping me see the importance of revision and school. I’ve now started to put 100% in my education and studies to get to my goals”

“Hey you came to my school today and I thought that what you said about having stress and pressure really helped and I’m going to do as much revision as I can thank you for your kind motivational speech today”

“You was really good at school today, you’ve made me realise how much I need to focus and get what I want in life”

“Hey I just want to say thanks for coming to Lincolnshire Haven High Academy, your speech was so good and I suffer with multiple different difficulties, I have ADD, anxiety, paranoia and depression, the speech you gave out was so motivational. I want to be like you and tell other students hot to feel and actually show them what it is like in the real world, thank you”

“Thank you for talk today man, really helped me get through English whichI had after. Keep up the work”

“You gave an absolutelyamazing speech today, thank you for coming today”

“Thank you for coming you were amazing it made me feel like I really need to do good in school”

“You have helped a lot of us out to be honest, everyone in your year 11 speaks about it”

I also received another message from Fullhurst Community College – “I’ve been revising non-stop ever since you visited my school, you really motivated me to do so”

I would love to inspire your students, for bookings email me personally on

Lincolnshire and Swindon Motivational Speaker

Lincolnshire and Swindon Motivational Speaker

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