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Head to Head with my Old Headteacher – The majority of you are aware we have started an online power program for schools. Lockdown has been extremely tough on teenagers across the world. Mental-health and motivational levels have dropped massively, therefore this online program is essential and necessary.

We are already 6 weeks in, therefore I thought it would be a great opportunity to invite my old headteacher Peter Rowland onto the webinar. The video is below:


Peter Rowland is without a doubt one of the best coaches I have ever worked with. His knowledge and empathy he displays is second to none. Therefore I new teenagers would really benefit from his message, I wish I actually listened when I was in school.

Here is some of the feedback from the webinar:

“Thank you both – excellent advice from two very inspiring people!”

“My son has been not very receptive to coming on this webinar before, but myself and his Dad has listened to it with him today and he has enjoyed and agreed we will all join your webinars each week….result, thank you”

“You’re words about perfectionism have been invaluable. Will help me be less hard on myself and stop me from procrastinating so much. Thank you so much.”

“Thanks, Cam & Peter you have been excellent”

“Fantastic Cam and Peter – thank you!”

“Thank you for your help! Always useful to hear what you have to say and thanks to Peter too, full of wisdom!”

“Amazing, I benefited, and it was really helpful”

“This webinar has been amazing – thank you!”

There are man key takeaways on this webinar for everyone, teachers, parents, and most importantly students. If you are struggling or need an extra push then please watch this webinar, it is very much needed.

If you have any other request then don’t hesitate to reach out or check out our ‘Dreams 2 Reality’ website here –>

Also, you can catch me on Instagram @CamParkerD2R or email

Head to Head with my Old Headteacher

Head to Head with my Old Headteacher

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