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Continued Motivational Speaking Impact – Nearly 8 months since inspiring a group of students at Sandwell College in Birmingham; a specific Sandwell student, from one of my motivational speeches, decided to follow me on social media. It is there – social media – where I continue to deliver motivational impact and value and just this week I received this message from the student:

“After you being in Sandwell College, I’ve been thinking really hard about if I should go ahead in my dream of joining the army. I’m sacrificing my friends and family but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. And in two weeks from now I’ll be training. Thank you so much. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t think I would’ve went through with it”

One of my slogans is ‘Dreams to Reality’ and sometimes our dreams are not very popular amongst our friends and family, sacrifices may have to be made. It does take a lot of courage to pursue your dreams, not just in youth, but also when you are older.

Therefore this message put a huge smile on my face; this student has overcome their fear and decided to push towards their dreams, regardless of all the forces that tried to hold them back.

I always wonder how I can improve my motivational service; I want motivational levels to not only increase but to be maintained moving forward. That growth mindset is extremely important I believe because that is where development and change really comes from and the aforementioned message is testament to that.

I don’t come from a place of arrogance; I come from a place of care. It just goes to show that when we focus on helping and supporting others, real results will start to occur. It doesn’t matter whether you are a parent, a teacher or a student we are all in a position to make a difference to someone’s life.

So keep growing and focusing on improvement; I really wanted to share that message with you to show you that IT IS possible, and that positivity overrides negativity any day of the week. There you have it; if you are searching for daily motivation, or you need that push to get mission ‘dreams to reality’ completed then I fully recommend following me on social media.

For all bookings email me personally on: and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Until then keep up the great work and keep on inspiring.

Continued Motivational Speaking Impact

Continued Motivational Speaking Impact

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