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When investing in an external service you need to see impact; therefore below is the messages I have received in the last 8 days.


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School Motivational Speaker Impact & Value – When investing in an external service you need to see impact; therefore below is the messages I have received in the last 8 days.  I have been inspiring at – Kings Oak AcademyHans Price AcademyUniversity Of SussexOutwood Academy FoxhillsHodge Hill CollegeGreenholm Primary School and St David’s High School!

Before I continue If you wish to see more messages, teacher testimonials or if you18280942_1377750042260221_1903163634_n want to book me in to see similar impact in your school then email me personally on

“Hey Cameron it **** from Outwood just again wanted to say thank you very much for the assembly an the session after it really meant a lot as I said before I was defiantly inspired after going through quite a bit with my mum an grandad dying at the same time an living with my nana. An giving up an almost everything especially school but hopefully with everything u said today I will be able to stop being so anxious an maybe start to feel better thankyou”

“You’re so motivational, you got me thinking that I need to work hard and try my best for the grades I want, thank you 18280913_1377740842261141_1913651709_nfor today”

“It was amazing, thank you so much, you’ve inspired me so much”

“Really motivated me today to revise and try my best”

“Great day made me think a lot about school life, what I can achieve in the future and that if I want something I can do it and get it”

18279880_1377192608982631_1545645217_n“The show you did today really did insoire me to succeed and never stop trying and never live in a “What If” thought of mind”

“It was really good because it showed me to actually care towards my education and to try that little bit harder”

“You made me realise that pain will stay but it’s temporary and grades are permanent and forever, so thank you”

“Thank you soo much for coming today in Hodge Hill College, I learned a lot”18281011_1377750055593553_1569486267_n

“You motivated me to do physics revision today haha I hate physics but all the best”

“Very motivated, focusing on my future, going to revise really hard next 18 days”

“You were absolutely great day. Very motivating”

“You raa motivated me not have regrets and think about the what ifs like you said”

“It was really good, I am motivated. I am going to try my best to get my GCSE”

18254702_1377747668927125_333523643_n“I am from Foxhills and I thought you were really inspiring”

“Was sooo good and inspirational. Thank you 🙂 Has made me think a lot more about my future”

“I think that’s the first time our school have listened to someone like you, because we normally mess around so thank you for coming in”

“You inspired me a lot today to be honest. It got kind of emotional, so I will actually start revising for once”

“Really good man, keep at what your doing and I’ll keep up what I’m doing”

“Cheers for that speech, helped me realise what I want from my life”

“Thank you for today, really motivated me”

18253849_1377227712312454_1163347265_n“You were great, come back again my g”

“Thanks for the talk really inspirational”

“Proper helped me see my goals, gonna get my head down in school now”

“Smashed it at our school today, really enjoyed your speech, keep it up!”

Another message I received today from a school I inspired at nearly 2 months ago:

“Thanks a lot for helping me with your talk and your insta videos you may remember me from the Cotswold School. I had exam anxiety and super stress levels but that’s calmed down now also I may not have stuck to my 2 hour hours a night idea but it’s gone down to 1 hour and it’s helping a lot so thank you”

My schedule is rapidly filling up; I have already taken bookings up until March next year. Therefore it’s extremely important to contact me ASAP if you want me to inspire your students. Once again, my personal email is


School Motivational Speaker Impact & Value

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