Executing Motivational School Speech

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Executing Motivational School Speech – I have been building my motivational business for around 6 years and my hard work is finally paying off, I am in a new school or college everyday.

However when I communicate with the schools and teachers before I visit their school I will always explain how my focus is to provide as much impact and value as I possibly can. My goal is to execute; because I know when I achieve that goal, the impact is there. Resulting in receiving large amounts of messages from students, teacher testimonials and also rebooking’s.

I understand when investing into something for the benefit of your school can be extremely daunting, you don’t want to waste any money and sometimes all you need is a little reassurance, reassurance that you are making the right decision.

Therefore when I talk about impact and value; a great example of this is when I recently visited Outwood Academy Foxhills for the second time. I was there this time last year, before I continue, feel free to watch the three videos we filmed last time at the school.

Testimonial from Head Teacher Angela Hull:

Question time with year 11 boys:

Being interviewed by outstanding student:

As you can already see from the videos above, the motivational impact was there. However it is still amazing receiving an email from the school saying they would like to rebook me to do a motivational speech for year 10 and 11, plus a motivational workshop with 20 selected students.

Lloyd Chapman, Assistant Principle said “Our year 11 students can’t wait to see you again, they are buzzing and many have asked whether they can come into the workshop after”

This impact from last year was apparent; especially as they gave me a huge round of applause before I even began the motivational talk. Incredible feeling; It just makes me feel extremely happy knowing my work is having a positive impact.

O yh I forgot to mention we recorded a documentary of when I was on the road last year and you can see more of my time at Outwood Academy Foxhills –

Anyways there you have; there is a main reason behind this motivational post, my mission is to inspire as many people as I possibly can. Therefore I hope it has supported you in making a decision; if this is the case then email me personally on and I will get back you ASAP. Please don’t wait as my diary is rapidly filling up and I would hate for your students to miss out.

Executing Motivational School Speech

Executing Motivational School Speech

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