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If we’re not mistaken, you’re the kind of person who demands excellence, a positive impact, and results. If this statement is true, then we are very similar, and Cameron displays this in his most popular package; The Elite Academy. Firstly watch the video below:

The Elite Academy consists of:

Plus much more.

The Elite Academy is designed to provide a lasting impact in your school. This statement is not taken lightly, and the amount of value you receive when you sign-up is second to none.

Once you experience a whole year of this elite service you will discover why our customers keep asking Cameron to come back for more.

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P.S. – Due to the popularity of The Elite Academy there are a limited number of spaces available. To ensure Cameron provides your school with the inspiration it deserves, you must get in touch today, as his diary is rapidly filling up for next academic year.

Recent Testimonial I have received:

The words of a year 10 student were ‘he’s a legend!!’ Cameron has the ability to relate to young people in a way that immediately makes them feel listened to and respected. He has such empathy with young people and his enthusiasm and passion is infectious.The message he brings is inspirational and his story is one they can relate to themselves. What you see is what you get with Cameron, he is pragmatic and totally honest with his audience. He tells it as it is and because of this young people respect and listen to what he has to say. My students cannot wait to speak to him again. Thank you Cameron.”

Marianne Saunders

Oasis academy John Williams.

UK's #1 Schools Motivational Speaker - Elite Academy

Elite Academy

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