BBC – Motivational Speaking UK (Video)

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BBC – Motivational Speaking UK – It’s been a long time coming…I had the opportunity to have a small segment on the BBC news recently – my TV debut! Before I talk about how this opportunity arose, the BBC video clip is below:

What were your thoughts on the video? I would love to hear your opinion on it, especially as I was extremely nervous before it was released. I believe the nerves came because I didn’t have much control on how it was going to turn out. I watched it live with everyone else; I was a tad ‘shaky’ but excited at the same time.

This opportunity came as a result of an event I attended at Cheltenham Racecourse: Grow Gloucestershire. The host for the night; Steve Knibbs, is a BBC presenter and after he personally heard my talk we decided to create a short documentary for the local news.

If you are interested to see more from the Grow Gloucestershire event then watch the video below. It was a huge success and an amazing experience.

In my talks I don’t pretend I am something I am not; that is why the message I share is relatable for so many individuals. There is no doubt in my mind this opportunity was a result of hard work and if people who follow my journey can see me chasing and achieving my dreams then hopefully it will inspire them to chase theirs.

For now I will continue on this journey; motivating and inspiring as many people as I can. The next academic year is shaping up to be a great one, many new schools are onboard and I can’t wait to continue to provide impact and value to schools all around the UK.

I still have space for next year but please note my schedule is rapidly filling up. To confirm your spot email me personally on:


BBC – Motivational Speaking UK

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