Assistant Headteacher – Video Testimonial

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It can be difficult when it comes to investing your money in external services to benefit your students in your school. There are many organisations or individuals who promise impact and value; however providing exactly that is a different story. Before I continue please watch the testimonial below from the Assistant Principle at Corsham School:

Proof is essential; I have over thousand student messages, and a large number of teacher testimonials including similar videos to the one above. Here are some student messages I received from Corsham School:

“Thank you for your talk today at the Corsham School. It was really moving and will help me as I have Asperger’s syndrome and dyslexia so school is tough, it will help me.”

“Sound for coming to our school today mate, really liked your speech, motivated everyone”

“Hi I’m from Corsham and I was inspired by your speech today. You spoke very well and I have a lot of respect for your story and how you overcame all the problems you faced”

These student messages are only a few from many, you can see more here –→

As the exams are fast approaching and the preparation for year 11 this year is nearly complete, I understand many teachers are already looking into next academic year. At this stage of the year I have many spots available for my year 11 programs or any other programs you may be interested in, however I have already started taking bookings for September right up until March 2018.

Therefore is you are looking for something that has a lasting impact, something that can raise aspirations and not only increase motivational levels but also maintain that level throughout the academic year then enter in your information below and I will be in touch.

Alternatively you can email me personally on to enquire and secure your place to avoid disappointment.

School Speaker - Cameron Parker

Assistant Headteacher – Video Testimonial

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